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German eBike Conversion Kit - 🇩🇪

German eBike Conversion Kit - 🇩🇪

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We've hand-picked some of the best German-made components in the eBike industry to bring you an unforgettable riding experience. From the Neodrive hub motor to the BMZ eBike battery, many eBikes using the same components retail for well over £2,500. Easy to assemble and at an unbeatable price!

Retail Value: £1,199 

Key Features:

  • 250-watt high torque with peak 750-watt Neodrive motor with regenerative braking from Alber (made in Germany 🇩🇪)
  • Torque sensor built into the wheel for super-smooth power delivery
  • 11.25 or 14.5 AH battery from BMZ (made in Germany 🇩🇪)
  • Detachable COLOUR display with built-in security features
  • Rear rack for battery mounting
  • Included fast charger charges battery in just 2 hours


Detailed Benefits:

Intuitive High-Torque Motor

This kit comes with a high-torque, 250-Watt, rear hub motor. Developed by Neodrives, and Alber company, this motor is used on some of the most iconic eBike brands out there. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

This high torque motor gets to speeds of up to 20 mph and includes 3 modes of regenerative braking that use brake assist to limit your speed on hills without you ever having to touch your brakes. It also has manual and auto modes.

The intuitive torque sensor housed in the wheel controls the output of the motor, using some 200 sensor points to provide a far smoother and more responsive ride than the simple cadence sensors used on most eBikes. This all-in-one solutions makes installation a breeze and saves you the frustration of installing a separate sensor or controller unit. 


Quick Release Battery

The lockable, German-made, BMZ battery with quick release magnet and Rosenberger plug can go up to 75 miles on a single charge. The kit comes standard with an 11.25 Ah battery (up to 55 miles per charge) with the option to upgrade to a 14.5 Ah battery (up to 75 miles per charge). This bike has a high range number in the real world and comes with a fast charger that charges the battery in just over 2 hours.


Detachable Smart Display

The COLOUR display screen is detachable with a one-eighth turn. A software key in the display renders the bike immobile without the display so you can feel confident when locking up your bike. The display shows your speed, distance travelled, and runs an intelligent battery level estimate to let you know how many more miles you can ride. The estimate is continually recalculated based on the riding style and power mode selected. The display is made in Germany by Neodrives, an Alber company.


Easy Installation 

This kit is super easy to install and requires less effort than most kits on the market. Having the controller and torque sensor built into the wheel means less parts, time, and frustration during assembly. All you need to do is install the rear wheel, battery rack, and display. Once you connect all three, you’re ready to ride! 


Key Benefits 

  • Made in German, with some of the highest quality components used in the eBike industry.
  • The torque sensor creates a smooth and intuitive ride compared to cheaper more common cadence sensors. 
  • Longer range and smoother ride compared to cheaper kits made in China.
  • Intelligent battery technology results in a higher real-world range compared to most eBikes.
  • High-torque motor accelerates faster, more smoothly and allows you to climb hills more efficiently.
  • Less parts to install means you can get riding faster and with less frustration
  • All parts and service provided right here in the UK and avoids long wait times for parts from China.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Ken Brownless
    Smoothest, silkiest e bike motor ever

    My cycling has been revived. I have done 200 miles in total. The longest ride was 48 miles and I still had 16 miles left on the display. It is heavy but its lighter than many ebikes --- it weighs with the bike, a Kona mtb rigid--- 23. 5 kgs. The problem is its all on the rear. You must be aware of this.
    The motor responds so well to your pedalling, assisting you as if it was linked up with your legs

    I did have a problem with the spokes slackening, but relaced the wheel and it is champion now.

    David Scurrah

    [****]. 8 weeks after I paid I am still awaiting delivery!!

    Roger Wells
    Looks good

    Not finished build yet. Will report when using bike.

    B A Murray
    Works a treat on my Marin bobcat trail

    Really happy with the install on my Marin Bobcat trail for the price (I bought during a sale). Have ridden 60 miles so far and it make a massive difference. Install was relatively easy though I had to grind away some excess frame material to fit the rack stay. Exposed wiring on the seat tube looks a bit rough but is apparently weather proof - so far so good. Would have been nice if the battery had a rear light built in. I don't know if I was lucky but I did not have to adjust my brake disc position at all, it was perfectly centred in the rear caliper

    Michael Thorneloe
    No more tandem tiredness

    Easy to fit and operate and we now float up steep hills.

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