About Us

We’re here for the bargain hunters, the coupon clippers, the sale superheroes. We believe quality eBikes shouldn’t cost a fortune or take months to arrive and we use our industry knowledge to bring the best deals right to your door. 

Like in the fashion industry, we sell eBikes through an outlet model. We find stock, from a portfolio of trusted manufacturers, at favourable prices. While our eBikes may be last year's colour, an overstocked item, or maybe a cancelled order,  you can be sure you’re getting the best price possible. What’s important is you get a great product, at a great price and with our U.K. based support team, you get great support too.


Our background

We are a team of eBike professionals that have been working in the industry for over 25 years. Our technical team has been involved in the development and production of multiple major EV brands. We’ve worked everywhere, from independent bike stores to inside manufacturer facilities, designing and building electric bikes. We know what makes a quality eBike and how to fix it, should issues arise. We use our expertise and industry connections to offer you the best eBikes at prices you won’t find anywhere else. 


We have three simple principles when it comes to our products:

We don’t sell junk. Poor products lead to poor experiences, so we carefully pick what we sell. Junk eBikes equal problems and problems create hours of unnecessary customer service for us and our customers. All products chosen have been quality checked to ensure a safe ride and satisfied customers. 

We require spare parts from our suppliers. Even the best eBikes can have issues from time to time and our U.K. based support team is ready if issues arise. We don’t sell any products without spare parts from the original manufacturer. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we have spares stored at our facilities in South Western England and the knowhow to set things right. 

Transparency. Different products are discounted for different reasons and we’re upfront about that. Products may be discounted because of a paint chip or wrong colour or simply because of an overstock. Regardless of the reason, we promise to tell you upfront so you feel confident in your eBike purchase.